It’s understandable to feel a sense of nervousness when meeting new people, making new friends, and finding romantic partners. But sometimes that nervousness can turn into anxiety and hijacks the experience and gets in the way of meeting new people and making the best impression possible. It can even get to the point of feeling like it’s impossible to get out of the house at all. You might even lose trust in your ability to find new friends,  pick the right people and avoid toxic relationships.

You might catch yourself thinking…

“I’m so nervous and everyone can tell”

“Am I doing this right?”

“No one wants to meet me”

“I’ve got nothing interesting to say”

“What ifs…”

“Why do I keep obsessing over my ex”

“Why am I so nervous when they don’t return my messages?”

“How do I stop obsessing over someone who I know is wrong for me?”

“Why do they always have to be the emotionally unavailable ones”

“I don’t want to keep meeting the same wrong person.”

“I’m struggling to not be alone.”

“Am I the only one that gets this dysregulated?”

“I have a ‘broken picker.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Why do I suck at relationships?”

“What if I never find the right partner?”

How Do I Help You?

I help by first getting an in-depth history of your family of origin, significant adult figures, important friends, significant events that drive your attachment style and cause anxiety and depression. We then work towards physiological centrality and let the body tell us the real history of your life. From there we start to look for patterns in the physical sensations of your body. I help you move through unprocessed grief behind the anxiety and depression using a Transitional Attachment Object (a stick). I make sure you have someone with you to process the grief so that you never have to do it alone again. Together we will work through the accumulation of unprocessed insults that came from an inadequate level of caregiving that you grew up with. Most importantly, we will address the “Missed Experiences”. The things that did not happen but were supposed to happen for you to have developed a secure attachment.

The goal of this long and thorough process is for you to develop felt senses of Security. A secure attachment.

You’ll be equipped with healthy emotional resilience so that you can recover quicker from breakups, insults and easily move away from toxic relationships and find healthy ones. You’ll no longer get easily dysregulated. We’ll encode an ideal adult presence.

You’ll find yourself with a better handle of your money, relationships time, and self-care so that you can feel more at ease with what’s happening in your life. With repetition and dedication, your energy will change dramatically

Once your nervous system starts to expand you will experience newfound creativity. Taking on new artistic, career, and/or business pursuits that you have never done before. Creativity is the source of well-being.

You’ll develop an acceptance of your body. You will develop an acceptance for how you look both during peak and not so peak times.

Anxiety can be tough but things can get better. Get started now.