If you’re reading this, you probably feel like it’s time to finally reach out. You’re just plain tired of getting into bad relationships. Imagine you’re at an event where there are a thousand people who are all excited about the possibilities. How is that no matter what you do, you’ll still find the exact person who is wrong for you? You might even know what your attachment style is… but somehow you still feel helpless to make better choices. Maybe you’ve gone down that slippery slope thinking you can fix the relationships but years later it’s gotten even worse.

I became an Attachment Trauma Healer because I had someone who helped me when I needed it the most. I found someone who finally understood what I was struggling with and knew how to get me through it. I felt such a profound sense of salvation and grace that I knew I wanted to help others who didn’t get a fair start in life. I care because I know what it’s like to truly want a life of love, dedication and commitment with another and painfully believing that it wasn’t meant to be for me. It means a lot to me to help others because I know how devastating breakups, being stuck in toxic relationships and rejections can wreak havoc on your life. I give a damn because I believe people deserve a better chance at life. I know that not everyone had a healthy childhood and I truly believe that shouldn’t stopĀ  you from experiencing kindness, care, love and peace in relationships. I’ve worked with prisoners who didn’t have a single visitor for 20 years and helped them realize that they don’t need to be a byproduct of a toxic childhood and that they can finally have a better chance at life. They still get to have the experiences that they never had. Experiences I believe every child needed. I want you to not only expect but to also be met with love, care and affection.

I know how hard the struggle to not be alone is. I know that relationships can at times be a brutal experience for those that didn’t have adequate caregivers show them how to become healthy adults. I know what it’s like to think you found “the one” and then realizing that you made a mistake over and over and over again. I know the hopelessness that happens when you think there is no one out there for you.

I did not take the traditional route that other therapists take to help others. I found myself on this path because it matters. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people overcome their toxic relationship patterns so that they can thrive.

Things have been hard but they are about to get better.